Service Agreement

This document is mandatory for all visitors and users of our resource to review.

Registering or paying for a service on the pages of the domain, signifies full agreement with this document and its unconditional execution.

1. Description of Services

1.1. All game servers provided to clients are either public or private and operate depending on the tariff plan chosen by the client. Full virtual access (control panel and FTP(SFTP) access) is provided to the game servers. We use Linux family operating systems, Docker container isolation for maximum security, and modern high-performance server equipment from AMD. AMD Ryzen 5 3600\3600X\5600X processors with overclocking frequencies of 4200 - 4400MHz (or other models not inferior). All precise parameters are specified on the tariff plan/category page. The provision of any services occurs no more than indicated in the tariff plans or service descriptions, therefore, no guarantees are provided that the services will meet your requirements or match your desires or expectations.

1.2. All additional services provided by our hosting are valid according to their description and are included in the general contract rules.

1.3. By renting a virtual game server, the client accepts the user agreement and the general contract rules, and bears full responsibility for their actions.

1.4. Ordering a virtual game server for a "forever" period implies the operation of the game server for the duration of this project, but not less than 30 months.

1.5. All VPS servers provided to clients are public or private and operate depending on the tariff plan chosen by the client. One IPv4 address is provided to the VPS servers, all other parameters and accesses are configured by the client himself. We use KVM virtualization for maximum security and resource allocation guarantee, with modern high-performance server equipment from AMD and Intel, ensuring stable and uninterrupted operation of VPS servers. More precise processor model parameters and operating frequencies are specified on the tariff/category page.

1.6. By renting a VPS server, the client accepts the user agreement as well as the general contract rules. The client bears full responsibility for their actions.

1.7. Ordering a VPS server for a "forever" period implies the operation of the VPS server for the duration of this project, but not less than 30 months.

1.8. VPS servers are provided without restricted closed ports, but in certain situations or based on violations by the client, ports 25, 465, 567, 587, 1900 may be blocked.

1.9. Activation of all services takes no more than 5 seconds after payment, but in rare exceptional cases, activation may take up to 24 hours from the moment of payment, provided the service bill has been successfully paid.

2. User Agreement

2.1. The client conducts their activities strictly on the pages of the domain and subdomain, on special order pages, receiving virtual means in billing for further disposition within the platform. Accounts purchased from third parties are not subject to return or exchange. The sale/transfer of accounts or other services results in the blocking of the sold/transferred account.

2.2. In the order form, the client independently determines all available parameters and the tariff plan of the virtual game server.

2.3. After verifying the data, the client must press the “Pay Order” button and choose a payment method. Next, the client pays their bill in real-time, complying with the conditions of the payment aggregator selected by you. Immediately after the virtual funds are credited to the executor's account, the virtual game server is automatically created on the client's account. All data for full virtual access, specifically access to the server control panel, is sent to the client's email.

2.4. Any orders or functions related to replenishing the balance or paying for the service are always accompanied by issuing an invoice with a description of the selected services, as well as specifying the payment period for these services (the payment period is not specified when replenishing the balance). Payment of the invoice confirms your agreement with the description of the invoice and its specified services and payment period, as well as the absence of any claims to the support staff, administration, and owners of the hosting.

2.5. Full access to the virtual game server is provided for the period selected at the time of payment. After the end of the paid period, the client will be offered to pay for the renewal of the order.

2.6. In case the paid rental period of the Minecraft game server expires, the service will be blocked. 21 days after the end of the rental period, the game server is completely removed from the system along with all attached services and additions, and without the possibility of recovering file data.

2.7. In case the paid rental period of the VPS server expires, the service will be blocked. 5 days after the end of the rental period, the VPS server is completely removed from the system along with all attached services and additions, and without the possibility of recovering file data.

2.8. After paying their bill, the client has the full right to seek help from technical support regarding any issues directly related to the operability of a particular service. Issues related to the internal setup of the service (installation of plugins, mods, setting up any plugin, parameter, configuration) are not resolved or processed by technical support.

2.9. The client has the full right to install any mods, plugins, and additions to the server that do not disrupt the network, equipment, and operation of the hosting or third-party resources.

2.10. Any outgoing ddos/dos attacks, flood, spam, brute force attempts, and other malicious scripts launched through Java available to the client are prohibited. Blocking the server occurs without the possibility of unlocking and complete removal of the service.

2.11. The client has access to modify the server's startup line, adding additional parameters, items, edits, and other necessary changes, exclusively through a support request. All required edits will be made after support verification, if they are truly necessary and do not disrupt the server and hosting operations. Modifying the startup line by any other methods is prohibited, resulting in the blocking of the server operation, with the possibility of unlocking once (one time).

2.12. VPS servers may be blocked on suspicions of rule violations, as well as in cases of registration from anonymous networks, using PROXY, VPN, TOR, and other anonymization means. Restrictions also apply to: suspicious names in languages other than those of CIS countries, invalid phone numbers, one-day and temporary emails. In case of such a violation, the client must undergo identity verification by providing the required documents and confirmations. In case of refusal, the account is blocked and all services are deleted. We are against black and grey "schemes" on the internet.

2.13. Violation of the legislation of any of the countries is "irreversible"; upon the first official request about the violation with its confirmation, from blacklists and other internet providers who have suffered damage - we remove the VPS/game server.

2.14. When selecting the payment method Fondy (subscription) or Stripe, the client agrees that all invoices assigned to these payment methods will be automatically paid from your credit cards, which were added by the client in the billing panel. In case of insufficient funds, repeated payment attempts will be made within two weeks. To remove the card from the profile, you need to write a request to support.

2.15. From the moment of stopping the service due to overdue payment, the service no longer belongs to the user who purchased it. Has no access to its management, files, and other parameters. Access to the service is restored after paying for the suspended service in full for the entire period specified in the invoice.

2.16. Overdue invoices are not subject to correction or modification, or adjustment of the payment period of the service. Payment of an invoice after the expiration of the service does not justify extending the service beyond the period specified in the invoice or changing the service term beyond that specified in the invoice.

2.17. All additional services, including free ones (which are provided on a non-reciprocal basis) are unrelated to the main service on which they are provided, are not subject to any discussions or support requests, and are provided without obligations, not guaranteeing the satisfaction of your desires or needs.

2.18. It is prohibited to use MySQL databases for plugins such as bluemap, dynmap, and similar. One database should not exceed 5GB of data. Possible deletion of the database without prior notice, in case of violating the use of the MySQL database, exceeding the size. Databases with useful information, such as coreprotect or essential data for server operability, are exceptions and are allowed a size of up to 10GB per database.

2.19. When changing additional parameters/resources of the server, there is no refund to the balance, nor is there a return of parameters or tariff to the previous value without re-payment.

2.20. The Client is fully responsible for incurring losses by the Executor related to both additional costs for disputing transactions and other possible charges/commissions not related to the Executor's actions. Charges may be in the form of debiting the credit balance, days of rental of existing services, suspension of services. The Provider has full right to suspend all services, with no right to refunds or access to files, until the debt is paid by the Client.

3. Legislative Agreement

3.1. This contract is a public offer addressed to an unlimited number of persons. The full and unconditional acceptance (acceptance) of the terms of this public offer is considered to be the start of using trial services or the client's payment towards the payment of the performer's services and receiving a corresponding email at the specified email address, confirming the fact of payment.

3.2. All disputes arising between the parties in connection with the performance of this contract are resolved through negotiations. If the resolution of disputes and disagreements based on mutual agreements is not possible, they are subject to resolution in the manner prescribed by the applicable legislation.

3.3. The client bears responsibility, provided by law, including criminal liability:

4. Form of Appeal

4.1. Appeals to the administration and technical support are made exclusively in Russian. The use of transliteration and other languages is not allowed. When making an appeal, the client must:

Technical support operates daily from 10:00 to 19:00. The average response time is up to 45 minutes, delays are possible due to the workload of the staff. Responses at night are made as technically possible.

Also, users are prohibited from:

Support will not engage in dialogue if:

In case of violation of one or more rules, the client receives a warning in accordance with clause 4.2.

4.2 In case of violation of clause 4.1. rules, the client may receive:

4.3 In case of conflict situations between the client and the site administration/support, all questions are resolved exclusively through the request system (tickets) in billing at

In case the client attempts to resolve their problems/questions through external sites and services, the client may receive:

5. Permissible Load and Permissible Use of Services

5.1. Each game server has a limit on the load on system computing resources - Processor (% cpu), RAM (% ram), and disk space. Game servers of some tariffs have restrictions specified in the description of the tariff plan or elsewhere on the page with this tariff plan. The permissible load value is distributed by tariffs.

5.2. The client has the right to choose which tariff suits them best, however, they must adhere to the permissible norms of load on the core (5.1).

5.3. All issues related to increased load are resolved through the support center by negotiating with the client. The client's service may be blocked for the period of negotiations on exceeding the permissible load norm on the equipment.

5.4. It is forbidden to run any software in any way that generates malicious traffic, traffic for "stress test", software for mining any cryptocurrency on any of the services obtained on the site. We reserve the right to block all user services without warning, without the right to refund and unblock.

5.5. Outgoing DDoS/DOS attacks, flood attacks and flood in any form, spam attacks on mail services and other services vulnerable to spam attacks, any "brute force" attack aimed at password cracking wherever they may be, scanning ports regardless of purposes, scanning proxy servers regardless of purposes, participation in botnet systems in any form, and any actions aimed at causing moral, physical, material, psychological, or any other harm to anyone are prohibited.

5.6. We have the full right to block services after receiving a complaint from a copyright holder about infringement in the distribution or storage of copyrighted content/materials with a warning at our discretion.

6. Denial of Service

6.1. In the event of changes made to the configuration of the purchased service by exploiting vulnerabilities (bugs, flaws) in the software, the service is blocked and in accordance with clause 3.2 negotiations are conducted between the performer and the client to resolve the issue.

6.2. The company has the right to refuse the client in providing services for violations of the agreement by the client.

6.3. The company has the right to refuse the client in providing services at its own discretion without prior notice and without explaining the reasons.

7. Referral Program

7.1. Every user has the right to participate in the referral program after registering on the site (hereinafter referred to as the partner).

7.2. Any user attracted by the referral link becomes the referent of the partner who brought him to the site.

7.3. After making a purchase on the site, any of the services, after a 30-day period from the date of purchase, the partner receives 10% commission to the referral program balance.

7.4. The minimum amount to create an application for payment of earned funds is $10 according to the current rate on the site

7.5. Applications for payment are processed within a period of up to 7 working days.

7.6. Payment is made to Visa\Mastercard bank cards. Payment in $ currency is not available.

7.7. When specifying the currency "dollar" in the profile, the average exchange rate for the entire period for which the application is created is considered, not the one that is indicated at the time of creating the application.

7.8. Any manipulations related to the affiliate program, with the purpose of defrauding billing, are violations of the rules. Creating multi-accounts is prohibited, registering via your own referral link is prohibited. Registrations, transitions, and payments that violate the rules are not paid.

Information about Conducting, Payment Order, and Rules

Payment cards: VISA, MasterCard, Maestro are accepted for payment. To pay for the service by bank card when placing an order in the online store, select the payment method: by bank card. When paying for the order by bank card, payment processing occurs on the bank's authorization page, where you need to enter your bank card details:

If your card is connected to the 3D-Secure service, you will be automatically redirected to the page of the bank that issued the card for authentication. Contact the bank that issued your card for information on the rules and methods of additional identification.

Refund Policy

1. In case of refusal of the services provided to the client for renting a virtual game server, a refund of the unused virtual funds is only made in the presence of a technical malfunction (more than 120 hours per calendar month from the time of reporting the malfunction) of the service provided, which the client refuses to use. All internal settings of the service performed by the client are not considered part of the technical aspect. All tariffs are fully transparent and all information is specified before registration.

2. Payment by invoice is made only to the same payment details that match the payer's data on this invoice.

3. Refund of unused funds is made by request of the client, sent through billing to technical support, after which the application is considered by the administration within a period of up to 7 working days and a decision is made on the payment of funds. Refund of money is possible only to the bank account matching the client's name on the site, or to the payment details used for the payment.

4. Refunds for services already provided for renting a game server are not made, which is the minimum term for providing the service - 30 days. This also applies to the "Forever" server services, where refund is completely impossible.

5. The administration has the full right to refuse a refund of money due to the client's non-objective reasons (see item 1.). Non-objective reasons include problems of a personal nature of the client, lack of service management skills, lack of time, inability to forecast the desired tariff plan for their purposes.

6. Refund of unused funds from the credit balance (credit balance) is not made.

7. Refunds are also not made if the client has used the quality testing of our services, which involves a completely free server test for up to 24 hours. By receiving the service on a paid tariff after a free test, the client confirms that they have no complaints about the quality of work and performance, and refund will be impossible.

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